Maplelicious In The Sugar Bush

Maplelicious In The Sugar Bush

No Pets Please (Service Dogs Accepted)No Parking At Sugar Bush (Permit Req’d)No Pedestrian Traffic On The Road To The Sugar Bush

Syrup Making Demonstrations

Indigenous peoples living in Northeastern North America were the first groups known to have produced Maple syrup and maple sugar long before the European settlers arrived to the region. Historical and modern traditions of boiling sap will be on display.  

Taffy on Snow

What happens when you boil maple syrup to 112C and then put it on fresh snow?  The most delicious Maple Taffy!!  A sweet treat to be enjoyed by all!

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

Join us for a scenic Sleigh Ride through the tall sugar bush. As you listen to the sleigh bells and watch the powerful horses pull the sleigh, time stands still.

Log Sawing Contest

Enjoy some old time fun as you and your partner learn to work in unison to remove a section of the log in the shortest time.  This is much harder than it looks!


Rounding out the atmosphere at Sandy Flat Sugar Bush, we welcome the music of  SweetGrass Band, a bluegrass group from Alderville First Nation.